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Our Color Cast® reproduction process allows the unique opportunity to customize knob shaft sizes and set screw orientation. This allows any particular backing hardware to be used on patterns that didn't fit each other previously. We can easily fit your specific application.

Many of our patterns come from knobs intended for entrance doors. These are slightly larger than passage door knobs, but better match contemporary expectations for knob sizes. Entrance doors often had shafts that were 11/16" or slightly larger at 7/10" (for a rosette with a 3/4" opening). Passage doors often had modest 5/8" shafts.

Our default size is 5/8 because it fits most applications, but for custom needs, because we want everything to fit really well (or if you are simply unsure what you have), purchase the fitment kit just to be sure. It is $5 shipped and comes with a coupon to make it essentially free.

The fitment kit comes with an option for the most common glass knob backing hardware sizes. Shafts designed to replace glass knobs are becoming a specialty. Rosettes and back plates for glass knobs are unique due to larger diameters than typical brass knobs. For people venturing away from glass, but wishing to keep their backing hardware, we are able to fabricate custom shafts to help bridge the gap. Typically these will only cost $5 extra per knob due to the extra machining. These are most commonly purchased in multiple sets so we like to receive a knob mailed to use so we can match it exactly ensuring ideal fitment (mailing a knob for any large project is always best!).

Set screw orientation keeps the knob securely on the spindle with the correct orientation. Most all mortise hardware uses a 45 degrees from 12 O'clock set screw orientation, but some newer retrofit kits for cylindrical bore doors use an on center 12 O'clock orientation. Picking the right orientation is important for keeping asymmetrical patterns situated correctly.

To find your orientation, with the door knobs removed, simply look at the square hole in your mortise mechanism. If the flat sides of the hole are not parallel to the sides of the door, you require a classic 45 degree set screw (diamond, by far the most common). If they are parallel, you require an on center 12 O'clock set screw. 

Not confident, but you have the door knobs off?, snap a photo, send it in and we'll tell you what you need!

If you are buying a gift and cannot be sure, we can easily drill holes for both orientations to ensure fitment.