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The Houghton Street Foundry is the Boston based fine arts workshop of Stephen Shellenberger. The Color Cast® process was born out of merging a passion for collecting antique hardware with advanced explorations of molding and casting.

The finest examples of seldom seen 19th century American door hardware are chosen to create reproductions that are accessible, exquisite, as well as available in multiple colors and shaft orientations.

Designs are picked with forms that have extraordinary relationships with light. Even though the medium is changed from solid brass to a translucent urethane, the extraordinary in all the artist's original intent is maintained if not revealed more clearly by comparison.

"When color is richest, form is fullest" - Cezanne

More than a hundred years later, the aim is to create products which would fill the original artisans with delight. The Houghton Street Foundry believes reproduction is an important method of preservation.