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Our products solve many problems for designers but the number one is availability. As antique door hardware has become increasingly collected, it has become difficult to fill an interior uniformly with patterns that go beyond the most modest.

The second major problem we solve is the ability to put any shaft size on a pattern that originally was different. This allows a pattern to match existing backing hardware (the rosettes and escutcheons) and removes a large limitation encountered when searching for options. Many interiors have rosettes designed for modest 5/8" shafts while often the most desired patterns were originally for exterior doors and had larger 7/10" shafts. The manual machining in our process allows us to easily handle custom needs, typically with no extra expense.

There has been increasing demand to machine custom shafts that can replace glass knobs. Glass knobs typically do not have straight shanks that press against the back of a rosette, but rather have a shoulder that hugs a wider opening. Previously, if you had glass you were married to glass unless you changed the backing hardware. Now we can supply whatever is needed which saves considerable money and doesn't scrap gorgeous perfectly patina-ed backing hardware.

Designers have come to us looking for multiple complete sets for their interiors. We have seen uniform colors used in a hallway with alternating colors used in room interiors.

We have helped designers stretch antique door sets where two complete brass sets become four brass knobs for a hall way and four of our reproductions (of their custom pattern) for room interiors.

Some of our loudest designs have been sought out for children's interiors. What may seem quite tacky or ostentatious is just barely over the top enough for a child's room. What childhood wouldn't benefit from palatial door hardware?

Someone had come to us looking for multiple sets, mostly uniform, but put louder, grander patterns only on the interiors of closet doors (no doubt seldom seen). Some doors are truly portals.

Originally it was figured that door knob collectors may not enjoy the reproductions, but there has been a fascination among them when seeing iconic designs in translucent colors playing with light. The brilliance of the form is seen anew and this has led some collectors to commission companions for their most cherished patterns to wear on their doors.