• Image of Zodiac Motif Door Knob
  • Image of Zodiac Motif Door Knob
  • Image of Zodiac Motif Door Knob
  • Image of Zodiac Motif Door Knob

IG: @houghtonstfoundry

The most original of this motif is from Tiffany's Studios in their Zodiac collection, but many beautiful variations like ours came after. Tiffany's described the pattern as "a primitive design rudely modeled... in a low relief on the medallions formed by the interlacing band ornament." The modesty of this pattern has made it a favorite for use across multiple doors in a home.

Cast in polished translucent urethane with embedded, manually machined, unpolished brass shaft.

Molded from an original, and though polished, will endearingly show heritage marks from a life of service.

Our knobs have an impressive weight due to the sturdy shaft design and their 360 brass alloy. They compare quite well to originals which were usually hollow.

Five color options are available that look wonderful in interiors ranging from stately to funky. Durable, attractive, a great pairing for simple backing hardware.

By default, all knobs come with our universal fitment kit where the shafts are machined to 5/8" but include a precision brass bushing to increase the diameter to 11/16 as well as another bushing to mate to glass backing hardware. If you know you need a specific size and want it custom machined, please specify in the comment section and we can easily produce it. We have a helpful fitment kit and feel free to contact us with any questions about sizing.

Drilled and tapped for an included standard 20 TPI spindle. Sold as individual knob. Includes an Allen key and set screw for mounting knobs to spindle. For interior doors.

Any pictured backing hardware is not included.

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